Special 3rd Anniversary of the I.P.H.G.

These Stations took part to the Event:
IIPHG operated by IKAZG from 17th to 27th March
II1PHG operated by IZ1ASN same period
II2PHG operated by IK2UVR same period
II4PHG operated by I4TDK same period
II5PHG operated by IK5ZTT same period
II7PHG operated by IZ7ECB same period
3G4PHG operated by CE4ETZ 1st to 31st March
3Z8PHG operated by SP8QED 1st to 31st March
TM1PHG operated by F5BKU, and F5RPB last two weeks of March
TM2PHG operated by F5SGI last two weeks of March
TM3PHG operated by F5MXV last two weeks of March
ZV2PHG operated by PY2LEC 1st to 31st March
J41PHG operated by SV1DPP from 15th to 31st March
OO6GV operated by ON6GV from 17th to 31st March
DX1PHG operated by DU1BP from 15th to 31st March
ZS5PHG operated by ZS5BOJ from 18 to 31st March
Special QSL Card of Italian S.E.S.: FRONT BACK
Special QSL Card of ZV2PHG: FRONT BACK

QSL Managers: for all Italian stations: IK2UVR; for all French stations: F5RPB; other stations: qsl via Home Calls.

3rd Anniversary Award: those who had contact with at least 3 different Special Event Stations above listed can achieve this Special Award. Please send an extract of your log to IK2UVR. The award is FREE of costs and will be sent via e-mail as PDF file. No QSL cards required!

Diploma del 3 Anniversario: coloro i quali avranno avuto contatti con almeno 3 diverse Stazioni Speciali (vedi lista) hanno il diritto di richiedere lo speciale Diploma. Mandate un'estratto del vostro log a IK2UVR. Il Diploma gratuito e viene spedito via e-mail come PDF. Le QSL di conferma non sono necessarie!

The I.P.H.G. sponsors the I.P.H.G. Award. The Award is FREE of costs and will be sent via e-mail as PDF file. Read the Rules HERE and fill the application FORM and send it  to IK2UVR. No QSL cards required!

Il I.P.H.G. sponsorizza il Diploma I.P.H.G., gratuito e spedito via e-mail come file PDF. Leggi il regolamento e riempi il FORM. Spediscilo al manager IK2UVR. Le QSL di conferma non sono necessarie!

Special thanks to our IT9EJW Official IPHG QSL Printer:
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