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NEW! 4th Anniversary Award

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The I.P.H.G. is happy to present to all OM, YL and SWL over the world the I.P.H.G. Award.

To claim this Award it is necessary to have got QSO / HRD with I.P.H.G. members (see the list below).

 Issued Awards

There are 3 Classes of this Award, as follows:

First Class: to get this Award, 6 contacts / heards with 6 I.P.H.G. members are required: one each Continent (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania).

bulletSecond Class: 5 contacts / heards with 5 members in 5 different Continents.

Third Class: 4 contacts / heards with 4 members in 4 different Continents OR 8 contacts / heards with 8 different I.P.H.G. members unregarding the Continents.


3rd Anniversary Award: to get this award only 3 contacts with Special Event Stations I.P.H.G. active on March 2005 are enough.


EASY: QSL cards are not required to claim the Award: applicants should fill the proper FORM and send it on-line to the Award Manager IK2UVR. The Manager will verify the existence of the contacts from the mentioned I.P.H.G. members, then, if all is OK, the Award will be sent to the applicants as PDF file, ready to be printed by themselves with a common inkjet printer.


NO FEE, NO TIME WASTED: applicants will get their Awards, free of costs, in a few days, just the time to verify their contacts. For SWLs: always indicate the other station in QSO with the I.P.H.G. member.

NO TIME RESTRICTIONS: any contact / heard made in any time is valid.
NEITHER BAND NOR MODE RESTRICTIONS: any band and any mode is valid.

Contacts can be made with all different callsigns owned by the applicants during their activity as Radio Amateurs, please indicate in the Application Form the Callsign used, if different from your present Callsign.

REMEMBER: I.P.H.G. Members meet every 1st Sunday and 18th day of any month on their monitor QRGs: 28.318, 21.318, 14.318, 7.098 and 3.618 MHz.
Best 73 & Good Luck de IK2UVR and IZ7ECB

Our Award was on CQ Magazine 9/2003 !