I.P.H.G. Story

The I.P.H.G. results from an idea of Andrea Pagliula, IZ7ECB and Pier Luigi Anzini, IK2UVR. Andrea, in earl days of March 2002, made a search on QRZ.COM inserting the key-word "Pharmacist". The search gave him many call-signs of OM's Pharmacists. Andrea sent them all an e-mail with the intempt to make a Web Site where to list all HAM Pharmacists over the world. He got many e-mails in return, in one of them Pier Luigi told him it would have been nice to create a Ham Group open to all Pharmacists over the world and he was disposed to create a proper Web Site. After some trials, the Web Site was built, with a proper logo, a forum, and a page for each member. Recently the Site has moved on a new and stronger server. The original members were about 20, and many other still are joining the Group, from all the continents.