I.P.H.G. Story

The I.P.H.G. results from an idea of Andrea Pagliula, IZ7ECB and Pier Luigi Anzini, IK2UVR. Andrea, in earl days of March 2002, made a search on QRZ.COM inserting the key-word "Pharmacist". The search gave him many call-signs of OM's Pharmacists. Andrea sent them all an e-mail with the intempt to make a Web Site where to list all HAM Pharmacists over the world. He got many e-mails in return, in one of them Pier Luigi told him it would have been nice to create a Ham Group open to all Pharmacists over the world and he was disposed to create a proper Web Site. After some trials, the Web Site was built, with a proper logo, a forum, and a page for each member. Recently the Site has moved on a new and stronger server. The original members were about 20, and many other still are joining the Group, from all the continents.
The GDPR, the european law abiut the privacy gave us a lot of problems. As you could see, many of our members are represented only with their callsigns, and no link to their page is available. that's because they must fill and send us the form to give us the permission to publish their data. If you are reanding these rows and you did not yet fill and send the form, please download it form this LINK-ENGLISH as DOC or TXT, fill and send it to ik2uvr [at] aribusto.it or ik2uvr [at] gmail.com. Thank you. These links are for other language speakers FRANÇAIS, ITALIANO, DEUTSCH, ESPAÑOL, РУССКИЙ, PORTUGUÊS