IPHG Statute

Constitution and purposes:

On March 18th, 2002 the I.P.H.G. was constituted to unite HAM Pharmacists, to promote radio initiatives, to establish friendship and to help the people who need any possible aid the Group can provide. The Group is apolitical and does not recognize any differences of race or religion among its members.


The Membership is free and open to all those that are BOTH Pharmacists and radio amateurs throughout the world.


A Pharmacist is one who owns a Degree or equivalent university Diploma that enables him to work in a Pharmacy as a professional Pharmacist, quite apart from the fact that he/she has another job or he/she is retired.


A Radio Amateur is one who owns a amateur radio license and a proper call sign and is allowed to transmit on HAM bands; the license class held does not matter.

Structure of the Group:


General Coordinator: acts as liaison between the IPHG, Professional Associations and the international press. The GC  represents the Group in the relations with others.


Supervisor: acts as liaison between the General Coordinator and the various Country Coordinators.


HAM Coordinators: act as liaison between the IPHG  and the various HAM Associations. There is one HAM Coordinator per Continent.


Country Coordinator: one or more per Country, mantains contact within their Country, mantains relations with local press and local organizations; acts as new members hunter within his Country and other close Countries without any members. The CC can collect proposals from the members and present them to the Group through the Supervisor.


Webmaster: looks after the Official IPHG Web Site.  


Humanitarian Aid Coordinator: coordinates the humanitarian aid the Group can provide to help whomever needs it.


The Group is open to agree to eventual proposals from its members, collected by the Country Coordinators. Every proposal must be submitted to the Supervisor with a proper motive. He will submit it to the members of the Group via e-mail and, if more than 50% agree, the proposal will be effective. All non-responses to proposals will be counted as "no" votes to the proposal.

Web Site:

The Group has a Web Site. Each member may have a personal page on the Web Site that includes information about himself or herself. Prohibited information in these pages includes commercial advertisements, material contrary to the spirit, honor, and dignity of the Group and our profession, and items without common sense, respect, and decency. Nothing contrary to Italian law will be published. The Webmaster is responsible for posting all member information pages.


The members of the Group can keep in touch with our selected monitor frequencies:

on 10 m: 28318 kHz (+ / -  5 kHz if central frequency is busy)

on 15 m: 21318 kHz (+ / -  5 kHz if central frequency is busy)

on 20 m: 14318 kHz (+ / -  5 kHz if central frequency is busy)  - main band

on 40 m (Europe): 7098 kHz (+ / -  2 kHz if central frequency is busy)

on 80 m (Europe): 3618 kHz (+ / -  5 kHz if central frequency is busy)

suggested scheduled times: from 12.30z to 14.30z and from 19.30z to 21.30z

suggested scheduled days: 1st Sunday and 18th day of every month.