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Joseph Paulson

Biography: I am paulson.I hail from the place of Cashew Kollam.in the south east coast of Kerala, [8 degrees 56' north and 76degrees 33' east the Gods own country.I am  proud to be an Indian Citizen.  Now Iam working in a small Village,Araki,in the Sultanate of Oman, as a retail Pharmacist in Al ARAKI PHARMACY. .My wife Celine hail from the same town now settled with two kids.I spend my childhood in Vennicode near Varkala the birth place of Sri.Narayana Guru.Idid my schooling up to 3rd std in Kottuvila Church School,Vennicode and then came to Kollam .I did My fourth standard in BalikaMariyam L.P. primary . School ,then My .U.P section up to S.S.L.C IN KRIST RAJ MODEL HIGH SCHOOL.My college days I spend in Fatima Matha National College.I compleated my BSe.Degree in Zoology from My beloved college.After my degree I spend some time in Kurichi Homeo College .I became a pharmacist from College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.Manipal.I am proud to say I am from that College. My career started in Kadandale S.S.S.COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Near Moodbadri in south karnataka,a very beautiful village blessed by Sri.Subrhamanya Swamy. By this time a nice lady by name Celine came into my life and alsogave me a son Allen.  .I was called to Fatima College of Pharmacy and then to Aysha Majeed College of Pharmacy in Vavvakkavu near the famous Matha Amruthanandamayi Asram.My lady gave me a daughter by this time Sola.Destiny took me to Al.Kamil Pharmacy in Al Kamil near Sur In Sultanate of Oman.Here I was fortunate enough to become a regeistered Pharmacist of Oman.There I had a chance to work in Wadi bani Khalid a tourist center, on the top of mountans near Ibra.Here I was able to work for only a few months. I went back to  my motherland and agin worked in Fatima College of Pharmacy in Kollam.Now Iam here in Ibri for the Last seven Years.For the first four years,I was fortunate to have my family with me ,but now I am alone for the last two years. My family is now settled in Kollam. I am an amateur radio operator,stll on air from Oman .My call signs VU2CJP Indian, A45XO Oman.This is My short story!!!..
Job:  Pharmacist
Address: P.O.Box 981, P.C.Code 113, Muscat, OMAN
Web Siteshttp://dreamwater.net/alsol/ 
Membership date: March 5th, 2002