IPHG # 114



Jorge Muņoz

Biography: I graduated in 1986 at Universidad de Rosario, my father left me the pharmacy he bought in 1970. This pharmacy "SANCHEZ" , takes its name from Iluminado Sanchez the first pharmacist in starting it in 1938!! We work  from 8 AM to 12.30 PM and from 3.30 PM to 9.00 PM, too much time for me..!!!!! Plus "turns" of 36 hrs about 9 days from 8.30 AM 8.30 AM next day. I got married in 1981 with Marina and we have three children 35 , 32 and 20 all girls !! My radio activity is poor because of my work....I'm calling CQ and ... din don...the door..someone wanting something  (hi hi)....  I work VHF with my friends in my area , we have three vhf repetears in our state (LaPampa). Our Club call is LU1UG: RADIO CLUB PAMPEANO. Well my friends ..that's all for now!

Job: Retail Pharmacist
Address: Calle 20 Nš 843, General Pico, La Pampa LP 6360, ARGENTINA
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Membership date: January 15th, 2003