IPHG # 034



Gregor Fismer
Biography:I am 40 years old and run my own Pharmacy, together with my wife, in a small town (abt. 8000 inhabitants) in southwestern DL, near Heidelberg.The Pharmacy was founded in 1788 and is one of the oldest in our region. I bought it abt. four years ago, its a small business, just me and two
employees. I received my Amateur-Radio callsign in 1978 and have been quite active since then, mainly in my preferred mode, CW. The other modes, like SSB and the digital modes, are used only occasionally. I am a member of the German Telegraphy High Speed Club(HSC) and of the British First-Class CW Operators Club(FOC). This year in August I will be in Myanmar, as a participant of a German DX-pedition, you can find info on that here:
Job: Retail Pharmacist
Hobbies: radio, dx-peditions
Address: Staatsstr.35, D-64668 Rimbach, GERMANY
Web Site: http://www.Apotheke-Leonhardt.com
Membership date: May 2nd, 2002