IPHG # 024



Filippo Zanetti
Biography 51 years old, graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Parma in 1982. Titular of the family Pharmacy, when father Gino I4TDD retired in 1998. Born as SWL, licensed in 1972. National and international Contests winner as SWL. Active in HF (TS 870S,  Yagi 3el. 10/15/20 + 40m, GP 8band + dipole 40/80, now also /portable with FT100) . Active in VHF (prefered band) with  FT736R 300w +16 el. Long Yagi, UHF with FT736R, 150 W + 20el.,  SHF with FT736R +55el.,  VHF 6m with IC 706 +5 el.,  ATV  20W + disk of  80 cm. Previously active on Oscar 10 and 13, now busy with sporadic E traffic VHF/UHF/VHF 6m. Married, 1 son 18 years old, Francesco, high school student. Maybe next Pharmacist of the dinasty. We are quite active as social volunteers, to help disabled people in pelerinages to Lourdes and other Sanctuaries around the world, with other OM's from Parma
Job: Pharmacist. 
Address: via Provinciale 160, 43041 Baganzola (PR), ITALY
Web Site:
Membership date: April 9th, 2002