IPHG # 015

Sked Manager



Gianfederico Madruzza

BiographyBorn on 1939 and graduated  on 1966 I developed my academic career at Faculty of Pharmacy University of  Perugia where at present time I hold the office of Assistant Professor. Together with my polish wife Ann and my son Alex Im living in a country house surrounded by large green and peaceful spaces that allow me over all to run freely the radio activity. Licensed since 1982 Im very active on DX (#1 Top Honour Roll on DXCC), Islands, U.S.Counties hunting  and on major Contests where modestly I reached flattering results as well thanks to my competitive equipment and antennas (if you wish more details on that visit me at www.qrz.com site). See you soon on the air
Job:  Assistant professor at University of Perugia
HobbiesIm interesting to several hobbies (classic music and arts,travels, gardening, olive-oil and white wine producer,swimming and cycling as sport,the electronic world,etc.) but  the Radio becomes first,hi!
Address: Via San Vetturino 9, I-06126 Perugia (PG), ITALY
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Membership date: March 15th, 2002