IPHG # 005

HAM Coordinator Europe


Evelyne Terrail

Biography: I was born on July 16 1937 in Strasbourg.I was student in pharmacy in Strasbourg. I have been working at the university during 5 years in biochemistry. Since 1965 I have been working with my husband Georges F5BKU, he is retired now.
I love DXing,CW and contests.I am member of YL clubs:YLRL, DLYL, JLRS, WARO, ALARA, YLRC Elettra Marconi.
I am working here with Kenwood TS 570D,Yagi 3 el for 20,15 and 10 m and a dipole for 40m.

Job: Retired
Hobbies and interests: I like also swimming,tennis,ski and cross stiching embroidery.
Address: Quartier St. Jean, F-26340 Saillans, FRANCE
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Membership date: March 9th, 2002