IPHG # 001




Andrea Pagliula

II7PHG from 17th to 27th March 2005 (Special Event Station).

Biography: I was born on June 4,1972. I am a pharmacist and practice in Narḍ, Lecce, Puglia, Italy - http://www.farmaciabenegiamopagliula.it.
Farmacia Benegiamo - Pagliula Find us on Facebook. I married Marianna in 2001 and I have three children, Carlo Maria born in 2004 , Mirella in 2007 and Gemma in 2013.
I am a Co-founder of the International Pharmacists Ham Group (I.P.H.G.) along with IK2UVR and Former President of the Young Pharmacists Association of the Province of Lecce. Founder of Santa Caterina dawn Swimmers. Find us also on Facebook as International Pharmacists Ham Group.

Please have a look and passalong the information to any friends who might be "ham pharmacists" too! My station is a valid contact for our I.P.H.G. AWARD. It's free and more info can be found on the I.P.H.G. web site. If you planning a visit to SE Italy, please don't forget you already have a friend there.

73 and God Bless you all.

Andrea IZ7ECB

For more information on Narḍ, have a look at the web site http://www.comune.nardo.le.it.
It is in southeast Italy - JN90AE, close to the Ionian Sea, 28 kilometers southwest of Lecce and over 600 kilometers from Rome in the area called “Salento”.

The population here is over 32,000. Narḍ is recognized for it's Baroque style, the Museum of Memory and Reception in Santa Maria al Bagno of Jewish survivors at the end of WWII and its homes on the seaside.

Soon after the Second World War thousands of people who survived the Nazism chose Puglia as a temporary destination. The American and English allied forces decided to organize some reception camps, the so called Displaced Persons Camps, in Santa Maria al Bagno, Santa Maria di Leuca, Santa Cesarea Terme and Tricase Porto. Santa Maria al Bagno, rich in beautiful villas and summer residences, was well-known from ancient times as a seaside resort; along with the nearby holiday destinations, such as Cenate and Mondonuovo, it was considered as the ideal place for setting up the D.P.C. n°34, the greatest in Salento, characterized by refugees housing scattered throughout the territory. It hosted thousands of Jewish refugees and was closed in 1947.

The murals are unique in the world, with a high documentary value for they represent the only European graphic record about the Aliyah Bet or the voyage that soon after the War led the Jewish survivors to the Promised Land.

The “Stories Hall” houses a permanent photo exhibition, along with objects and records that really take the visitor into the original life in the camp. As it is shown by the photos, the refugees could finally lead a normal and peaceful existence, characterized by respect and integration among different cultures, religions and languages. Looped documentaries offer the visitors an additional moment of reflection.

Play-educational workshops and paths for school groups, children, youngsters and families. Tours and guided walks through the Camp. Jewish Salento tours in collaboration with Palazzo Taurino – Medieval Jewish Lecce.
Since June 2017 the management services have been running by Fluxus Società Cooperativa. http://www.fluxuscooperativa.com/

Equipments: Yaesu Mark V FT-1000MP, FP-29, SP-8, MD-100A8X and Kenwood TS-440+AT, PS- 430, SP-430, MC-60A. Antennas:Yagi 4 elem. DHF 6 by Eco Antenne, Diamond X-300 and Vertical Prosistel PST -1524VC. Amplifier: Acom 1010. Mobile station (since 09/2009): Yaesu FT-857 D, Diamond antennas: HM-6, HF-20FX, MR-77, NR-770. QRV from Santa Caterina, Ionian Coast, during summer with Kenwood TS-440+AT and Vertical Prosistel PST-1524VC.

Job: Retail Pharmacist.

Hobbies: Hobbies: DXing on 10, 15, 17 and 20 m. I also like Reading (N. Gordon, G. Jennings, W. Smith), MTB and Trekking in the Natural Park of Portoselvaggio, Swimming in our wonderful Ionian Sea. If we make contact, QSL by the bureau is ok, but you are welcome to QSL direct. If you do, there is no need to send an IRC, stamps or money. SWL QSL will be confirmed 100%. Please NO eQsl. I like to “Ragchew” with the contacts I make, not just exchange numbers like 59. I'd like to know about you and yours. You are welcome to send me an email if you want. I'm active also in WhatsApp.

Address: Via Redipuglia 21, I-73048 Narḍ (LE), ITALY
Web Sitewww.qrz.com/db/iz7ecb
WhatsApp: send me an email and I will give you my mobile phone number.
Membership date: co-founder
QSL front; QSL back